1. Cannot praise Byran enough. Precise, knowledgeable and honest. I went to Other PC Repair Shop in Dallas who quoted $350+ for repair of my MacBook. Apple wanted something similar- Bryan sorted the issue the same day in half the price. This team is fixing the issue with the best technician customer service I’ve experienced. Thank you Ifixhut.
  2. Very fast and very affordable service. Highly recommended and very professional service.
  3. Best computer fix place in Collins county. I have had many problems with my computer over the years and never got any good service. Recently I went to Ifixhut and they were great. Can’t thank enough.

4. Super handy and professional team, helpful and helped get my Apple Mac up and running in no time.

10/10 service would recommend over Apple any day!

5.Ifixhut helped me with a routine service. I needed a quick repair and they delivered start to finish in under 3 hours. Their number one concern was to make sure I was happy. Good communication throughout and very professional, I’m pleased to recommend their data recovery services.

6. Brilliant cell phone repair service. Super efficient and quick. Super professional, Extremely knowledgeable.Great price And very friendly too! Cannot recommend enough!

7. Fantastic Mac technician, great communication and would happily use this service again. Got my iMac repair the same day.

8. Good fortune recently been in contact with Bryan at IFIXHUT.  As a life long Mac user they gave me the best quality experience I’ve ever had.  It is always a nerve-racking to hand over ones computer, however they made it as painless as it could be!  Details and options were  discussed clearly and informatively, with professional charm and without pressure. The  work was done within their very reasonable estimated  time frame. The end result was fantastic. 

9. My Mac broke over this holiday period and they very quickly and efficiently fixed it over this busy period. My computer is like new again and I think they helped me save a lot of money by fixing corroding parts of the motherboard rather than replacing the whole thing! Thank you so much.

10. These days it’s really hard to find a repair place who does Micro soldering, I had a key fob which had a button ripped off. After 5 month I found a place who does Micro soldering. Ifixhut soldered my key fob in 2 hours.

11. I had a dead iMac went to apple store for a repair. Apple told me my iMac had a logic board problem and they had to replace the logic board to repair it and quoted me $700. That was out of my budget. And I went to Ifixhut and they repair my iMac logic board for only $200. I recommend Ifixhut over apple.

12. These guys were able to replace my old macbook’s battery when, it was showing a message “battery replace soon”, Apple and its authorised service provider couldn’t help. A great service, quick turnaround and very reasonable price. Will use again. Highly recommended.

13. Got my Lenovo laptop fixed in no time. I was in a rush and needed someone to fix it asap. End result was great, they were genuine, fast service and reliable. Will use again.

14. They have been helping me fix my cell phone and computer for years. Very fast and affordable service in al over DFW.

15. Outstanding customer service, laptop fixed super quickly and they know exactly what they’re doing. Been to couple of different services and this one is the best! Cannot recommend enough!

16. This is the third place I called. Spoke to Bryan. He gave me clear answers and straight to the point. Some answers I wanted to hear and some, well, which I didn’t want to hear. But I was comfortable with that way of working. He got my PC problems solved and I feel that I have got two new computers now.

17. If you need an Apple computer repaired near Allen Texas this is the place to go. Very reasonably priced and lighting quick.

18. Really friendly staff. They tried to repair my macbook as cheaply as possible for me, as I had expressed my concerns about the cost to repair it.

Unfortunately the cheaper repair didn’t work, however they gladly took my laptop back again to do a larger repair. It took a little while, but it’s now working perfectly again.

So can recommend this store for Macbook repairs

19. Bryan repaired my 15″ MacBook pro where Apple said they couldn’t. In fairness to Apple my MacBook is quite old and they said they couldn’t order the parts. Fortunatly Ifixhut did and it’s been working good, Thank you for great work.

20. I took my malfunctioning Mac book pro to the  store October of last year and they were fast and professional in both diagnosing the issues and offering me different options to solve the problem. At my request they installed a new battery and the issue is solved.

21. My 9 years old Macbook Air had water damage, so the battery cannot charge at all.  We took it to a iRepair in Allen and they told me the model is too old and the water damage had already destroyed the logic board.  It’s not worthy to repair it, not even be able to save the files in the computer.  So we took the Macbook Air to Ifixhut in McKinney and they mange to clean and repair it within one day.  I am very impressed with their work.

22. A big thanks to Bryan at Ifixhut for excellent customer service and a speedy turnaround replacing the battery for my Macbook Pro.

I highly recommend Ifixhut.

23. Spilt tea on my MacBook air and keyboard stopped working. Only had an iPad and a iPhone left then iPad seemed to lose charge within 30 minutes of use, then 15 minutes and finally would not start at all. Was left with doing work on tables using an iPhone which was too small for the task. Assumed the battery was dead which was confirmed by Ash who then promptly ordered in a new one, Express Post and I was up and running within no time at all. What a relief.

24. If you need any Computer and laptop repairs please go to these guys. They were not only very fast and affordable but were extremely professional and helpful. Its nice going somewhere that you don’t feel like you are being taken advantage of. Highly recommended.

25. Raj the owner, is always helping me, my kids, and my small business with all our computer and laptop repair and upgrades. These guys are the best with repairs and software upgrades at a fair price. Shoutout to Ifixhut in McKinney.

26. Great experience. I was able to purchase a desktop computer iMac for a very reasonable price. Plus they fixed my MacBook for half the price as another place wanted to charge. Awesome place.

27. My MacBook keyboard and track-pad were all not working, and Ifixhut promptly fixed them and resolved all issues! They did a complimentary diagnostics of the device, and the actual repairs only cost about $149. Super affordable and great service. Would definitely go back for other issues.

28. I would recommend them to anyone. Great prices very friendly and knowledgeable of laptops and data recovery. Really fast service. They are very reliable and professional. I will continue to go back to them and highly recommend others as well.

29. Been here a few times for my iPhone screen repair. Really good service. Highly recommended:)

30. Very good service, fixed my phone in 20 minutes
Thanks guys will be back again for sure.

31. Great service and fast with the iPhone screen repair. I had a really nice experience here and would recommend them to others definitely.

32. I found Bryan very helpful. It took two attempts to repair my iPhone due to it being dropped on water. Nothing seemed to be too much bother for him. The prices are very reasonable and I will always recommend him.

33. Great price! Screen like new. Done so quickly many thanks.

34. Went into Ifixhut not really knowing which make and model of laptop I needed to work with a specific software package. Bryan took the details of the software and researched what I needed. Highly recommend this place especially if you are clueless when it comes to technology.

35. Very happy with the repair – iPad Pro 1st generation screen replaced under 1 hour. Staff were great and I would highly recommend them.

36. Took my Xbox One in for what I thought was a replacement HDD but it was actually more serious. All completed as promised, and now I have a fully working gaming console with a warranty for all work done into it. Recommended

27. Fantastic service today they fixed my iPhone XS screen while I waited and did full service cleaning the charging speakers and the earpiece. The phone feels like brand new. great service

28. Very good experience having my MacBook Pro repaired here. Problem identified and fixed in short time.

29. Replaced my MacBook’s screen here. It was very affordable and quick. They also gave me a 6 month warranty on screen. Great staff and place.

30. Awesome job of upgrading a SSD ob 12 year old Macbook Late 2008. Not only saved money but also saved me from the potential plastic, Microsoft experience from windows PC world. Thank you so much guys.

31. Fast and economical repair of my iPhone 11 Pro Max, Willing to offer advice and were very helpful.

32. I messed up my Lenovo laptop trying to replace the battery by myself. Restored as new including replacing Chinese based firmware to English firmware. Professional service. Thank you.

33. These guys are great at fixing Mac computers. Really friendly and helpful, and professional. Will be taking all Mac repairs to them in future.

34. I have just had my apple MacBook repaired here they replace the full top lid and serviced my machine for free. It’s very fast now and looks like new. Very pleased with the fast service and affordable price highly recommended business in McKinney for Apple repair services.

35. Quickly fixed iPad cracked screen.

36. If I could give 20 stars I would. Finally a very positive experience with a iPhone shop. Thanks to bryan.

37. Outstanding Customer Service. Thank you guys for fixing my phone within 6 hours and no data loss! Great company will be recommending to everyone. Better than Apple! Better than any tech company I have dealt with so far.

38. literally the best iPhone repair shop ever. Significantly cheaper than Apple without any compromise on quality. Nice staff too.

39. Fast, efficient, and fair price, good parts and good communication throughout the process. I’m glad I chose them to fix my iPhone.

40. Bryan successfully fixed my broken iPhone screen. They were brilliant at customer service and answered all of my questions, suggested a fix and did it much quicker than originally quoted. Highly recommended!

41. During the holiday family hard drive stopped working which contained at least 10 years of memories with pictures and videos and files. Cut a long story short, approximately about 99% of my lost data was retrieved. Communication was excellent all the way through and the price was very affordable.

42. After my lost copy of all my pictures. Data Recovery Specialists in Ifixhut diagnosed failure and provided a very good up to the minute full information on the state of data recovery and finally got all my data back.

43. After having a catastrophic failure on my hard drive I was recommended to use Ifixhut to try and recover my files. Pleased to say that everything was recovered and put onto a external hard drive. Service was quite expensive but worth it to get my files back.

44. Rapid, amazing service. Had a report of files available in 24h and 100% of data was recovered from hard drive.

45. The process is really easy, I sent them my faulty Hard Drive and within 12 hours I had a report and an estimate of costs. I won’t say it was cheap but, to me, the value of data was more. There were pictures of my family none of which could have been resurrected from other sources. I would definitely recommend Ifixhut. They also do computer and cell phone repair.

46. Excellent service. Recovered over 500GB of files from a portable hard drive which wouldn’t work on any computer. Very quick, good communication throughout the process.

47. Very happy with the service provided. you cannot put a price on treasured memories. I thought my photos were lost for good, but thankfully Ifixhut got all my data back.

48. Desperately needed to recover all my photos from my crashed hard drives tried a couple of local companies which came back impossible drives are too corrupted.
Sent to Ifixhut fast efficient and successful retrieval.

49. Managed to recover old faulty portable hard drive in very quick time. Would recommend.

50. Superb data recovery service throughout, from quotation to final outcome. Very knowledgeable and friendly staff, excellent flexibility to suit my needs, and the perfect result. Extremely happy and would certainly recommend. Thanks you guys.

51. Delivered a good service with excellent communication and friendly customer support throughout. Was not able to recover 100% of the data, but most of what I needed.

52. Excellent service, kept me up to date with each step and completed the data recovery very quickly.

53. My old drive failed on me , so I contacted Ifixhut. They handled the whole service very easily, it was quick, professional and fast. Data recovered and a new external drive supplied. Can’t thank enough.

54. We used this company’s service to do an urgent data recovery for one of our customers hard drive. They were great to work with and really got us out of a tough situation. They got almost 98% of the data.

55. We used Ifixhut for recovering the data from the damaged hard disk. It was assessed and returned within a week. Great customer service.

56. Great service and excellent customer service. Kept me informed during the whole data recovery process, and all my data was recovered successfully.

57. They really gave their best to fix my MacBook, which wasn’t an easy task to do and I am extremely happy with the service.

58. Extremely helpful, efficient and knowledgeable. My MacBook was fixed in no time at all. Would recommend.

59. My MacBook mag safe charger was not working . I first went to some of the other computer repair shops Allen and most of them said it would be more cheaper to buy a new MacBook. I was disappointed since I had bought this MacBook only a year ago. Then I finally tried my luck with Ifixhut and here they managed to repair my MacBook logic board on the same day for half the price instead of making me buy a new one. Definitely recommend!

60. I exchanged my iMac for a new one. Great service, great prices and very nice employees! Would really recommend.

61. Went there with my MacBook Pro 2015. They diagnosed it so quickly and they helped with other issues I didn’t know about. 10/10 will recommend

62. I went there in total panic but with a small hardware problem. They fixed it immediately and with a smile. I came out of there with a better functioning MacBook.

63. One of the best Mac repair shop in McKinney, highly recommended

64. These guys do a good job at fixing iMacs. The actual service/repair doesn’t take long time. In the end, they provide a one year warranty.

65. Great Mac service and friendly stuff! Fixed my MacBook for free. Apparently, it was a minor issue.

66. 2 months ago I gave my MacBook to them so they would repair it, and they got it fixed in probably less than 2 days. Whenever you have any computer issue in McKinney this is the place to go.

67. Very good service. My HP laptop was fixed in 4 days during holidays.
They also offered me a 6 month warranty if something might happen again.

68. I got my MacBook pro 2017 repaired here, they did not charge me anything for problem diagnoses. The repair charges are also nominal and offer 6 month warranty on the replaced parts.

69. people there are very professional and nice, u can Sense that they are trying to help and not trying to just make money, they fixed my 7 year old Mac and it’s like new.

70. Amazing place for slow Mac repair. They replaced my iMac hard drive with SSD and its really fast now.