Macbook Liquid Damage Repair

We Do Liquid Damage Macbook Repair

Liquid damage macbook logic board

Macbook is one of the popular laptop in modern world.It was first introduced by Apple in 2006 .Macbook replaced the iBook and 12 inch power Book series.It comes with tons of features and application which made it popular among the people.The macbook combines with three different series like Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air.They comes in Different size with different RAM,Storage and processor option.They are portable due to their size and weight.we can use them at any place due to their portability. The modern Macbook are more faster and efficient and slimmer then the older ones. Macbooks are creative tool for the students and for creative professional. The
security system provided by Apple makes it more useful to most of the professional so most of the people like using macbooks .

As macbooks are electronic devices composed of different electrical and electronic components like diode, transistor, mosfet, ic, chips, battery, ssd, camera, keypad there may be chance of getting this internal and external parts damaged due to various reasons. The internal and external parts of the macbook may get damaged due to various reason ,one of them is liquid damage.The most common problem of macbook is liquid damage ,as we know that macbook are portable device we can use it at home, office, college etc thats why there is more chance of getting liquid damage in Macbook rather then imac and other non portable devices.

Water damage macbook air interior. Corrosion on the logic board

Basically when liquid comes in contact with the macbook it is known as liquid damage.water and other liquid has property of carrying electrical current so whenever water or other liquid items comes in contac with the macbook the internal circuit and connection got damage which can make our macbook non operational even it can cause logic board failure.sometimes at home the children may spill water and other liquid items on it while playing or doing
something on macbook that causes liquid damage. The other reason of liquid damage is sometime when we are doing some work on macbook we used to drink tea, coffee, coke, etc and accidentally or unknowingly there is the chance of spilling that liquid item on our macbook.if we are carrying the laptop outside and if the rain occur there is the chance of getting liquid damage to your macbook.

Liquid Damage Macbook Repair Service McKinney

Don’t worry if you have a liquid damage macbook. IFIXHUT McKinney provide repair service to all models of macbooks, macbook air, and macbook pro with a liquid damage problem. When the liquid enters macbook it can damage certain components of macbooks, sometimes liquid damage can cause logic board failure which can make your macbook not even turning on. On a liquid damage macbook first thing we do is ultrasonic cleaning which simply means is washing your macbook logic board with 90% or above alcohol. As pure alcohol is an insulator, it can be used to wash electronic circuits. There are thousands of components on the macbook logic board, even one damage component can make your macbook non functional. We provide logic board repair service to all models of apple macbooks. Sometimes the macbook liquid damage repair is not possible if there is too much damage on the logic board. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with one of our certified technician or stop by our office.

Symptoms Of Macbook Liquid Damage

Sticky keys

when the liquid items enters in our macbook on the upper section of
macbook ,The keys attached in the keyboard section get sticky and it will not type the letter that we wanted. So one of the basic effect of liquid damage is that it might make the key sticky which makes it non functional.

Residue,Discoloration,and white powder

when liquid enters in macbook we may notice discoloration of the internal circuit component ,white powder inside the circuitry along with the residue due to corrosion that is caused by the liquid.

Liquid Damage Indicators

There are few liquid damage indicators inside the macbook which are originally white in colors. They are basically a litmus paper which changes color when they comes in contact with liquid. When they contact with the liquid they changes their color to red from white. They are located on the macbooks logic board. Even if the liquid spilled on the macbook is dried out these liquid damage indicators helps us to identify the if it’s liquid damage or not.

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When Do you Need Our Macbook Liquid Damage Repair Service?

  • When something spilled on your macbook
  • When your macbook keyboard feels sticky
  • When your macbook’s keyboard stops working
  • When your Macbook’s trackpad stops working
  • When your Macbook stops working
  • When youe macbook’s fan is too loud

Why Choose Our Liquid Damage Macbook Repair Service?

Certified Technicians

We have a team of highly certified technicians with special knowledge and certifications with CompTIA, Apple, Microsoft and so on.

Affordable Service

We take into consideration our clients budget and provide affordable and reliable service accordingly. We try to provide fast repair turnaround.

Privacy Secured

We take data privacy very seriously and assure customers that their privacy is secured.

Clear Communication

We try to be upfront, communicate effectively and educate our customers with simple language which they can understand and try to refrain from using technical jargon.

Insured Warranty

We use only best repair and replacement parts for our customers, that is the only reason why we are able to provide insured warranty on almost all of our repair/replacement services.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)?

  1. Is macbook liquid damage repair Possible?

A. Yes, Macbook liquid damage repair is possible. Sometimes it can get complicated to repair if there is too much damage on the logic board.

2. How much does it costs to repair macbook liquid damage?

A. Macbook liquid damage repair cost depends upon the amount of damage on the logic board. Macbook liquid damage repair cost starts at $99.

3. What should you do if you spill water on your macbook?

A. The first thing to do if you spill water on your macbook is turn it off and dont put it on charge. Stop using it because as water is a conductor of electricity it might short circuit your macbook logic board. even if your macbook work fine after you spilled water on it, there is a very high possibility it will show various problems in future. Take it to macbook repair shop as soon as possible. IFIXHUT McKinney provide liquid damage repair service to all models of macbook.

4. Should I put my macbook on rice after liquid damage?

A. Yes, you can put your macbook on an uncooked rich after liquid damage. Its not a very good solution but it helps.

5. Can a wet macbook be saved?

A. Its not 100% sure that your wet macbook can be repaired. If the damage is too much which makes the repair complicated, sometimes you might need a logic board replacement.

6. Can you tell if your macbook is water damage?

A. Yes water damage on a macbook can be identify easily. There are liquid damage indicators inside the macbook which are originally white in color. When these liquid damage indicators comes in contact with water they change their color to red.

7. Where can I repair my water damage macbook?

A. IFIXHUT McKinney provide liquid/water damage repair to all models of macbook.