MacBook Keyboard And Top Case Replacement Service Replacement

Is Your MacBook keyboard Not Working?

Does your MacBook has keyboard problem? Are your MacBook keys non-functional? Is your MacBook keys popped out? Don’t worry we are here to help, we provide keyboard repair and replacement service to all models of MacBooks at a great price. give us a call today to schedule an appointment with one of our Apple certified technician or stop by our office.

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Need MacBook Top Case Replacement service?

MacBooks top case assembly is a combination of keyboard, trackpad, speakers, and battery. On the newer MacBook, it has different type of keyboard which is called butterfly keyboard and also these MacBooks has embedded battery on them which simply means battery and keyboard can’t be taken out that easily. So, even if only the keyboard gets bad we have to replace the whole top case assembly. Thus not only replaces the keyboard but also the trackpad, speaker, and the battery. Is you have any problem with your MacBook keyboard, reach out to us and we will replace it for you.

What Causes Keyboard problem On MacBooks?