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MacBook logic board repair service McKinney

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We will repair your Macbook’s logic board, no matter what the problem is. You don’t have to pay anything unless your logic board gets fixed. Our group of experts are certified on logic board repairs and diagnostics. We run series of tests to make sure your logic board is perfectly functional. Give us a call today to schedule logic board repair appointment with one of our certified technician or stop by our office.

We provide logic board repair service to all models of macbook, macbook air , and macbook pro at a great price.

What Causes Logic Board Failure?

Logic board is an electronic circuit inside the apple computers that has thousands of pieces attached to it. On other PCs and laptops it’s called motherboard whereas on apple computers its called logic board. Motherboard and logic board functions the same. Logic board consists of components like capacitor, resistor, diodes, ICs, switches, SMD chips, graphics, CPU, transistors, mosfets, inductor, and so on. Logic board has over thousands of small components attached to it. Even if one components gets bad your macbook will start to show problems. There are various reasons that can cause logic board failure such as liquid spills, Physical damage, overheating, Bad charging adapter, age of the macbook, and so on…

Liquid Damage Logic Board Repair McKinney

The way that macbook works is by manipulating electricity. Liquid damage is the primary reason that can cause logic board problem. There is electricity flowing all over the logic board, when the logic board comes in contact with liquid, it messes up everything. Since, liquid is a conductor of electricity it short circuit the board which causes logic board failure. Sometimes on a liquid damage logic board repair is not possible. Liquid damage cause corrosion around the components on the logic board, if there is a too much corrosion repair is not possible. At IFIXHUT we uses standard equipments and procedures to repair liquid damage logic board.

Physical Damage Logic Board Repair McKinney

Sometimes accidental damage on your macbook can cause logic board failure. When you accidentally hit something with your macbook, if the impact is big it can popup some components out of the logic board. If part of the flat surface on logic board is damage repair might not be possible but if some chips are popped out repair might be possible. We provide logic board repair service to all models of macbook. We use donor board of same model logic board to replace few chips if needed during logic board repair.

Overheating logic Board Repair McKinney

Does your macbook heats up more than usual ? The normal temperature of a logic board ranges from 20 degrees to 80 degree celsius. But if the temperature crosses that range there might be some problem with your macbook’s logic board. Don’t worry, we are here to help. There are various reasons that can cause your logic board to heats up more than usual. Sometimes the overuse of CPU and graphics can cause overheating. Rest of the time it’s from the problem in the logic board. If your macbook has a liquid damage and it still works fine. Your macbook can show over heating problems in the future. Even if your macbook worked after liquid damage, you have do do ultrasonic cleaning once. We provide overheating logic board repair service to all models of macbook.

How Do We Repair Logic Board?

Logic board repair can get very complex sometime if you do not have proper equipments and knowledge about micro soldering and electronic circuits. There are various processes involved logic board repair, and safety is must because we are playing with heating equipments which can heat up to 500 degree celsius. Even a small mistake can cause a big damage. All the equipments must be ESD safe and all the logic board repairs must be done on ESD mat.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Of Logic Board

The word ultrasonic cleaning is quite meaningful which simply means cleaning of Macbook’s logic board. It is a process of washing electronic circuit board by using ultrasound technology which agitate a pure alcohol (above 90%) usually at 20-40 KHz. This is the first process in logic board repair. On the liquid damage logic board repair, almost 50% of the time the board gets fixed after the ultrasonic cleaning. The way it works is first we put alcohol (above 90%) deep enough to bury a circuit board, then we put the board in there. After that we set the timer and the temperature and start it. It removes all the dirt from the circuit board. After ultrasonic cleaning we let the circuit board dry up for a while and then we see if its working or not.

Schematics for Logic Board Repair

Schematic is a diagrammatic representation of electronic circuit using different graphical symbols which is very essential part in logic board repair. Its simply a map that shows hoe the computer works by manipulating electricity around it. it shows the path where the electricity goes and tells you how much voltage and current is supposed to be at a certain point on the logic board and you check at voltage and current at that point of a logic board using multi meter. If voltage and current are missing at that point, thats where the problem is, go ahead and repair it. Every logic board has a unique number which you can search online to find the schematics for that logic board. This is a primary part in logic board repair. Schematics are very complex to understand unless you have proper knowledge of electronic circuits. It uses different symbols for the components of logic board like resistors, capacitors, switches, diodes, mosfets, ICs, inductors and so on.

Board-view For Logic Board Repair

Board view is a type of file that needs specific softwares to run, which shows graphical representation of logic board. Board view is also specific for each logic boards. Every components on the logic board has a part number which can be both numeric and alphabetic. For example the capacitors is not called capacitors on the schematics, its called something like c7300, c5490, and so on. Let’s say you are repairing a faulty logic board. After checking on few points of the logic board using multimeter and schematics you find out that the chip called L7700 is bad. now, you have to find that chip location on logic board. That’s when you need board view. On the board view you can search for L7700 and it will show you location. Now you can compare it with actual board and repair or replace that chip.

Micro soldering For Logic Board Repair

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