RAM (Random Access Memory) is like your Laptop’s Short term memory and it stores the running processes (like the operating system services). Having more RAM means having more room for your processes to run and this boosts your systems performance. Hence, if your laptop is running slow, one of the reasons could be low RAM. If you are having this issue, bring in your Laptop to IFIXHUT and get your RAM upgraded the same day.



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Mac Repair Services

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We provide repair and upgrade services for all model of Mac computers including iMac, iMac Pro, MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, and Mac Mini. We only use genuine Apple replacement parts to repair your Mac computer. Mac services including OSX configuration, slow Mac repair, screen replacement, battery replacement, Hard drive upgrade, Memory/Ram upgrade, data transfer, and so on. We also provide warranty on all of our hardware repair services. Let our Apple certified Technician help you fix your Mac. 

Windows PC Repair Services

Windows laptop and desktop computer repair service near McKinney Texas slow computer repair and virus removal service.

looking for a windows PC repair service near McKinney area? We are here for you, reach out to us and we will make sure your PC is working better than ever before. Services: virus removal, slow PC repair, screen repair, hard drive and memory/Ram upgrade, battery replacement, windows OS configuration and so on. 

Laptop Repair Services

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if your laptop is not functioning well and needs a repair service. IFIXHUT is here for you. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with one of our certified technician. Our technicians are certified in all laptop hardware and software related repair services such as screen repair, Hard Drive upgrade, Memory/Ram upgrade, battery replacement, trackpad and keyboard repair, slow laptop repair, OS configuration, virus removal, hinge repair, charging port repair, motherboard repair, and so on. 

MacBook Repair Services

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MacBook repair service including crack screen repair, battery replacement, keyboard and trackpad repair, SSD and memory/Ram upgrade, backlight repair, slow/ freezing MacBook repair, MacBook stuck at question mark sign repair, Logic board (motherboard) repair, MacOS update and configuration, data recovery, water damage, and so on. We repair it all. Let our Apple Mac certified technician help you. 

iPhone Repair Services

iPhone repair mckinney. cellphone screen and battery replacement

Is your iPhone not working properly? Does your iPhone needs a new screen or a new battery? Stop worrying and bring your iPhone to us and we will make sure your iPhone is working better than ever before. iPhone crack screen, swollen battery, not charging, charging port replacement, front & rear camera issue, microphone & speaker issue, face ID & touch ID, back glass cracked, data recovery, liquid damage, motherboard issue, and many more. We fix it all in no time. Let our Apple Certified IOS Technician (ACIT) help you. 

iPad Repair Services

cell phone ipad and iphone screen and battery repair mckinney

Looking for an iPad repair service near McKinney area? You are at the right place, IFIXHUT provide all hardware and software repair service to all models of iPad at a great price. iPad crack screen repair, digitizer replacement, LCD replacement, battery replacement, charging port repair, camera issue, microphone & speaker repair, liquid damage, physical damage and iPad OS configuration. We fix it all. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with one of our Apple certified technician or stop by our office. 

Data Recovery Services

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Lost data or failed hard drive? We can recover your lost/inaccessible data from all sort of storage media Hard drive, SSD, Raid, flash drive, NAND chip, SD card, Servers, and many more. Disk Initialization issue , SMART failure , Accessing Disk ROM issue , Firmware is corrupted or its not communication with PCB, bad PCB board, bad motor, and all other issue. We fix it all. Reach out to us and we will make sure that you get your data back. Let our certified data specialists help you. 

What Makes Us Different?

Fast Turnaround Time

We Like People More Than We Like Computers

We Repair both Apple And Windows Computers

We Understand How Important Your Device Is To You

We Are Here To Help You During The Most Crucial Time

We Provide Onsite Repair Service

We Only Use Genuine Parts

Our Technicians Are Certified In Related Field

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