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  • Broken glass screen repair
  • Broken LCD repair service
  • Home button repair option
  • Power button jammed or stuck
  • Docking charger or port – not charging
  • Headphone jack is broken or faulty
  • liquid damage Repair
  • Speaker not working properly
  • Microphone issue – others cant hear you
  • Battery draining too quickly
  • WiFi not connecting
  • Cellular antennae problems
  • Charging/ Lighting Port Repairs     
  • Home button Repairs     
  • Water damage Repairs          
  • Unlocking AT&T Carrier
  • Battery Replace             
  • Front Camera Replace
  • Rear Camera Replace
  • Back Camera Glass Replace               
  • Loudspeaker Repairs         
  • Volume button Repairs         
  • Back light Issues
  • Touch Disease Issues
  • proximity sensor
  • And much more………..

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