Basic iMac Macbook Training To Advance

Basic iMac MacBook Training to Advanced

1.Software required for using Mac.

2.Verify Disk Repair Disk

3. Using Utilities.

4. Analysis of Activity Monitor. CPU

5. Solving Boot Camp Assistant installation problems

6. Using Terminal commands  To cancel security for

    Unlock the Hardware section.

7. Fixing Keychain Access. Forget, create, don’t remember.


8. Fix Airport cade Bluetooth Wifi in case of re-installing OS

     Then doesn’t work

9. Boot up, turn on, no sound, start to check all hardware for

     Submit client work

10. Upgrading the Mac Mini iMac Mac Pro Macbook.

      Which MacBook Air pro models can do it or not?  How can you do it

      Good and bad

11. Data recovery

12. To install OS X each model from 2009-2019

      Each model and Mac compatibility each year

13. HACK OS X skipped version to install higher OS X

14. Updating EFI Frim ware

15.Software AHT ASD

Hardware Repair  If still do not know and answer customer problems or cannot explain the owner of the device  Have to dye back to the Software  First, I will know how to use AHT ASD management system.

16 Removing and Assembling the iMac MacBook

17 Learn Blog diagram iMac MacBook

18 Learn to read the circuits of the iMac MacBook.

19 ways to quickly chase power supplies

20 measurement of various fire points  Including changing the IC

21 solving various symptoms such as

-no booting no voltage bios lock cpu not run change cpu black screen no display no play music no power supply small current voltage drop down protection picture showing no backlight white screen green led on short circuit water coming in power down no display cpu exchange signal abnormal

22, using IC chip lifting tool, BGA rework station for iMac MacBook

22 Using an oscilloscope to measure commands and signals  In case the meter cannot be measured