MacBook Liquid Spilled Water Damage Repair McKinney

Liquid damage water spilled macbook repair McKinney
Mac repair McKinney

IFIXHUT McKinney provide repair service to all models of macbooks, macbook air, and macbook pro with a liquid damage problem. When the liquid enters macbook it can damage certain components of macbooks, sometimes liquid damage can cause logic board failure which can make your macbook not even turning on. On a liquid damage macbook first thing we do is ultrasonic cleaning which simply means is washing your macbook logic board with 90% or above alcohol. As pure alcohol is an insulator, it can be used to wash electronic circuits. There are thousands of components on the macbook logic board, even one damage component can make your macbook non functional. We provide logic board repair service to all models of apple macbooks. Sometimes the macbook liquid damage repair is not possible if there is too much damage on the logic board. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with one of our certified technician or stop by our office.


2310 Virginia Pkwy # 150

McKinney, TX 75071

469 300 3936

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